Supporting Companies for Improving CEMA website

We greatly appreciate each corporation for the generous supporting funds to improve the CEMA website.

CEMA honors this gratitude by presenting the supporting companies.

<Regular Members>

Earth Clean Techno


Asahi Sunac

Anest Iwata





Takubo Engineering


Towa Enzyme

Trinity Industrial Corp.

Japan Parker Ionics


Parker Engineering


Meiji Air Compressor MFG

Yasukawa Electric Corp.

Ransburg Industry

Osame Kogyo

<Supporting Members>

Aoi Kohan Co., Ltd.

Asia Kendy Co., Ltd.

Asiarans Co., Ltd.

RH Service Co., Ltd.

RMS Co., Ltd.

Isamu Paint Co., Ltd.

A&K Intercorp(s) Pte Ltd.

Excatec Co., Ltd.

Eguchi Co., Ltd.

Endo Works Co., Ltd.

Kawanishi Giken Co., Ltd.

Kumai Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Service Ace Co., Ltd.

Sankei Co., Ltd.

Shimizu Works Co., Ltd.

Jhen Da Engineering Co., Ltd.

J&S Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd.

Gemcrane Co., Ltd.

Jinten Japan Co., Ltd.


Daiffuku Co., Ltd.

Takatsu Corporation

Tsukazaki Works Co., Ltd.

Tecno Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

Nisshin Sangyou Co., Ltd.

Nippon PCS Co., Ltd.

Nihon Burou Co., Ltd

Harano Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Panweld Sdn Bhd

Hergeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Boquetec Corporation


Mitomi Giken Co., Ltd.

Mesac Corporation

Yokohama Giken Co., Ltd.

Langtech Limited

<NET Members>

S.E.A. Olympus Marketing Inc.

Koreastabilla Co., Ltd.