To be the Leader of World's Finishing Industry

Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association, Japan


Representatives of leading manufacturers of coating equipment and coating facilities established the Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association of Japan on August 24, 1976. The founders declared the following objectives:

  1. The dissemination and improvement of coating equipment and coating facilities
  2. Making positive contributions toward the healthy growth of the coating industry

The Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association of Japan was initially inaugurated with 17 companies as regular members and an additional 10 companies as supporting members. Its membership has grown steadily ever since its establishment. By the end of February 2015, membership had expanded to include 26 Regular member companies, 40 Supporting member companies and 4 Net member companies(included 10 foreign members).


The object of CEMA is that it is a consortium of companies gathered under the keywords of "painting," "coating" and "finishing," which encompass an extremely wide range of business fields. Merely by browsing the member list one can see that the members are from diverse business fields, such as paint manufacturers, paint raw materials suppliers, coating applicator manufacturers and their related product manufacturers, system design companies, construction companies, and surface/sludge treatment chemical manufacturers.


The CEMA has therefore played an important role in the exchange of information and establishment of business relationships among member companies. Until now, however, the reality was that the majority of our members were end-product manufacturers. We only had a small number of participants from manufacturing companies and their cooperative companies that were involved in the entire manufacturing process from paint manufacturing to the film coating application on final products. We therefore decided to significantly improve this situation by recruiting members from companies involved in the manufacturing process as well as their cooperative companies.


As I mentioned earlier, the CEMA’s goal is to establish the awareness, throughout society, that coating technology is science, and that without it nothing can be manufactured. In order to accomplish this goal, we gather many closely related companies under the keywords of "painting," "coating" and "finishing," which encompass a wide range of fields, and take initiative in conducting various activities to further advance the "coating culture." We will also take leadership in conducting awareness campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of coating throughout society to the most thorough extent possible.


I want to create an organization about which all of you members can proudly say, "My company is a member of the CEMA." I believe this can be realized only when each and every member participates in, and supports, the CEMA activities with such awareness. We executives promise to work hard so that all the members will feel good about joining the CEMA. Thank you very much. We greatly appreciate your continued support and guidance.

CEMA(Coating Equipment Manufacturers Association, Japan)

Former Chairman, Mike Kinoshita